5 Reasons Why Nigerians Get Excited About Fridays

5 Reasons Why Nigerians Look Forward To Fridays

Fridays are quite special days, not just for Nigerians but for people all over the world. When talking about Friday, what first comes to mind is party, party, party! Right? Maybe not.

Friday is as sinister as it is interesting. This is unless Friday the 13th holds no water anyway. Friday the 13th has generally been known as a day of bad luck. No wonder lifts don’t have 13, right?

Anyway, why exactly do Nigerians get excited about Fridays? Why do we look forward to this day that is neither the first nor the last day of the week? It’s not even the middle day of the week. What makes Friday so special?

If you are a Muslim, it might be because it’s Juma’ah, right? Or maybe it’s something else. Christians also get excited. Traditional worshippers also get excited. Even people who do not believe in anything get excited about Fridays.

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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Look Forward To Fridays
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Reasons Why Nigerians get excited about Fridays

1. Friday marks the last working day of the week.

In most corporate offices and organisations, Friday is usually the last day of work for the week. So, it is no surprise that a lot of people get excited about it. Who does not want to enjoy a nice weekend after a stressful week? For a lot of Nigerians, weekend starts on Friday.

2. Fridays are party days.

It is not official. Neither is it registered in the Nigerian constitution. But Friday has generally become a day to party. Various clubs all over Nigeria have separated Friday evenings for parties. Trust Nigerian youths, they fill the clubs every Friday.

Nigerians love to party, and we cannot blame ourselves. Nigeria is terrible enough; we should enjoy at every opportunity we get. So, why shouldn’t we party? Luckily, there is now a typical party day – Friday!

3. Weekend starts on Friday.

Even though Friday is not the last day of the week, it marks the beginning of the weekend. It is unofficially official but weekend starts on Friday. Since work ends on Friday and not Saturday morning, weekend enjoyment starts on Friday.

Of course, this does not necessarily work if you are into business in Nigeria and applying the proper business success tips. You do not want to waste valuable business time, calling it a weekend. But if you are into online businesses in Nigeria, then you may even observe “weekend” every day.

4. Friday is the last day of School.

Looking forward to Friday is not only for the working class. Even students get excited when Friday approaches. Knowing that they would not have to go to school again until Monday is enough to get them excited.

So, unless a special lesson or class has been set for Saturday, students know that Friday marks the beginning of about two and half days away from school.

5. Friday is Juma’ah.

This is especially important to Muslims in Nigeria. Friday is a special worship day. It is to Muslims as Sunday is to Christians. So, it is a day that Muslims look forward to. They have special prayers on Fridays, and believe it works specially in the afterlife.

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Are Fridays really that special?

Fridays are just like every other day of the week. In the real sense, a Friday is just like a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. What makes it special is the interest people have attached to it. People in Lagos and Abuja and some of the other beautiful cities in Nigeria specially look forward to Fridays. This is because there are quite a number of social activities taking place.

So, if you are in Nigeria, Friday has to be special. Unless of course, every day of the week is like a weekend to you. Or if you are not the “social” type.

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