5 most iconic buildings in Nigeria

One of the things every tourist likes when visiting a country is to behold historical buildings. This is one attraction that catches the fancy of visitors all over the world. This is no wonder that there is also a myriad of monuments in Nigeria with several local and international visitors being visitors every now and then.

1. First Storey Building in Nigeria, Badagry

This museum, which houses relics of past wars, especially the Nigerian civil war, is an offshoot of various attempts to promote reconciliation and at the same time preserve history. It is located at Ebite Amafor in Isingwu autonomous community in Umuahia Local Government. Its location is in the exact place the famous ‘Voice of Biafra’ radio was transmitting from during the civil war. For those seeking a healthy dose of Nigerian civil war history, this site is an excellent choice.

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2. Jaekel House, Lagos

Jakael House, one of the oldest buildings in Nigeria

Located inside the Ebute-Metta premises of the Nigeria Railway Corporation, Jaekel House is a restored colonial mansion. It now serves as a railway museum and photo gallery of the NRC’s colonial era. Smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Lagos, it can be a surprise to go into the premises and suddenly become far removed from the noise and people – such as the sheer size of the grounds.

Named after Francis Jaekel, a former Superintendent of the NRC, it was originally built in 1898. This makes it 119 years old and is certainly one of the oldest buildings in Nigeria still standing! Its age does not show on it though, due to the recent restoration carried out on it. It is at the Railway Compound, Ebute-Metta, Lagos, and opens throughout the week.

3. Mary Slessor House, Calabar

Built in the late 19th century, this modest-looking domicile with its thatched roof and ascetic façade once housed the iconic Scottish missionary best known for stopping the killing of twins in Calabar. Rather than choose to dwell among her colleagues in the missionary quarters, Mary Mitchell Slessor opted to live among the Calabar people. The outcome of that brave decision is the Mary Slessor House in Ekenge, Calabar, which stands till today as a testament to her selfless service and courage.

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4. Ancient Kano City Walls

Unlike the Gobirau Minaret in Katsina, the city walls of ancient Kano served solely as a defensive structure – to protect the inhabitants of the city against sieges and external attacks. Sakri Gijimasu, the 3rd Emir of Kano laid its foundations in the 11th century (1095 AD), while the walls are recorded to have been completed sometime in the 14th century.

5. Lugard Footbridge, Kaduna

Lugard Footbridge, one of the oldest buildings in Nigeria

The Lugard Footbridge a 113-year-old pedestrian bridge currently located in the General Hassan Park, Kaduna. Originally built in Zungeru, present-day Niger State by Frederick Lugard in 1904. At the time, Zungeru was the capital of the Northern Protectorate of Nigeria.

Following the 1914 amalgamation, the bridge moved to Gamji Gate, Kaduna and reconstructed. Since 1956, the bridge has been classified as a historic national monument.

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