10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria

Most of these high paying jobs in Nigeria requires a great deal of technical competence, skills, and expertise. What really determines the amount a person earns in his job or business is dependent on the level of social problems the person solves. The highest paying jobs in Nigeria cuts across many disciplines, ranging from Engineering to ICT and the rest. Let’s take a look at the 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

10. Legal Services Directors

This is a highly lucrative job in Nigeria at the moment those the slots for this place are few, meaning just a few people tend to end up employed as a Legal service director. The Legal Service Director serves as a lawyer that represents a company in any legal function or capacity. He or she also up contract documents, and also stands as a witness during business transactions.

9. Investment Bankers

An investment banker is an individual who works in a financial institution that is in the business primarily of raising capital for companies, governments, and other entities, or who works in a large bank’s division that is involved with these activities.  They aid public and private corporations in raising funds in the capital markets (both equity and debt).  they are not just bankers as such their salary is really huge due to their multiple advantageous tasks.

8. Telecom Engineers

Telecoms engineers are responsible for the Installations and maintenance of all software and hardware devices in a Telecommunication Industry. Being an expert in this field brings one a fortune depending on the status of the organization.

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7. IT Specialists

As long as IT remains a revolutionary tool in business, the work of these experts will always be needed. Due to the rise of digitalization, every business in Nigeria now wants to have an online presence, by way of selling their IT products online. However, this online presence comes with a lot of security threats. The Functions of these Experts in this field includes improving cybersecurity, preventing security breaches, maintaining the security of web and online platforms among others.

6. Musician

The music industry is becoming one of the top industries in Nigeria with the highest number of young millionaires. This accounts for the reason a lot of young people venture into the music line. It is not uncommon to find people idolize musicians like they do religious leaders as such, paying them from N600,000 to N2 million for their presence at events.

5. Petroleum Production Engineers

For foreseeable years to come, petroleum products remains an essential commodity. This automatically makes the place of Petroleum Engineers a prominent one because of the world high demand for petroleum. These engineers, who design, test and deploy means of extracting petroleum are highly respected and well paid. These engineers, who design, test and deploy means of extracting petroleum are revered and paid well. An average salary will be N12 million

4. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineers are ‘airplane engineers’. In Nigeria, their main job is the maintenance of aircrafts technology. Their job is very delicate because the safety of the nation’s aircraft, military or commercial, rests on their shoulders. Their job is very delicate because the safety of the nation’s aircraft, military or commercial is entrusted on them. The lives and safety of travelers depend on them and this makes their payment really lucrative.

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3. Pilots

Pilots end up with a large payment at the end of the month and It is very important for airline companies to take good care of their pilots because they deal with a lot of lives and fly long distances.

2. Surgeon

A Surgeon is not just a doctor but a  doctor who specialize in operations that involve gaining access to a patient’s body. why a surgeon needs to be well paid is clear  Since people figuratively and literally ‘lay’ their lives at his table, the surgeon is well compensated and takes home a huge pay.

1. Lawmakers

Being a lawmaker in Nigeria is the most lucrative job one can get and is the most rewarding. Nigerian lawmakers earn the most of all lawmakers in the world, with benefits such as welcome packages, seat allowances, housing and clothing allowances, healthy pension scheme, and a whopping 15 million naira monthly salary. How cool is that?

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