10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

When talking about facts about Nigeria, many of us expect to read about the size, population, ethnic groups, etc. However, there are facts about Nigeria that are way more interesting than these.

Nigeria is a blessed country, definitely. This is not just because of the oil and gas that we have. In fact, the blessedness is more about the everyday citizens of Nigeria.

First, let’s talk about the basic facts about Nigeria:

  • Nigeria is a country sitting by the coast in West Africa.
  • The country is bordered on the West by Benin Republic, North by Niger Republic, North East by Chad Republic, East by Cameroon, and South by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country, with a population of over 180 million. It is currently the 7th most populated country in the world.
  • Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups.

However, these are just basic facts about Nigeria. How about we tell you some amazing facts about Nigeria to make your day? These facts will definitely blow your mind, and make you proud to be a Nigerian.

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10 Interesting Facts about Nigeria that You never knew

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Nigeria is home to 7% of the total languages spoken on earth.

This is one of the most important facts about Nigeria, considering that language is the “soul of culture”. Taraba State alone has more languages than 30 African countries. It is these languages that build riddles, proverbs, and folktales. Language gives us identity.

According to UNESCO, the world’s languages represent an extraordinary wealth of creativity. Diversity in languages translates to diversity in culture.

What this means for Nigeria is that it could become the greatest hub for cultural tourism in the world. Nigeria could make the world know her for culture, rather than for scamming. This cultural diversity could be a tool to empower the citizens. It is sad that it is instead one of the factors that made a foreigner ask why Nigeria is such a terrible country.

2. The Yoruba Tribe has the highest rate of Twin Births in the World.

This is another one of the most amazing facts about Nigeria. Talk about awesomeness being in the blood. The Yoruba tribe typically occupies the South Western region of Nigeria. According to popular belief, this tribe has the highest rate of twin births in the world.

A particular town in Oyo State, called Igbo-Ora, has been nicknamed the Twin Capital of the World. This is because of the high rate of twin births in the town. Estimates have it that there are about 158 twins per 1,000 births. Isn’t this amazing? One of the locals even once boasted that there was at least a twin in every family in the town.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

3. Nigeria houses the largest single Pre-Colonial Monument in Africa.

Sungbo’s Eredo is a 160km rampart equipped with guard houses and moats. It is reputed to be the largest pre-colonial ancient fortification in Africa.

This rampart is located in the present-day Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria. More earth was moved during the construction of this rampart than the Great Pyramid of Giza. This easily makes it one of the most important facts about Nigeria.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

4. Africa’s oldest known Canoe was discovered in Nigeria.

In May, 1987, a Fulani Herdsman discovered a canoe around Dufuna village, Yobe State. He discovered the boat while digging a well.

Reputable Universities in America and Europe have carried out various radio-carbon tests on the boat. These tests indicate that the Dufuna canoe is over 8,000 years old, making it the oldest in Africa. It is also the 3rd oldest in the world.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

5. The only Ruler who resisted control by Songhai, was a Nigerian.

Sarki Muhammad Kanta The Great of Kebbi, was the only ruler who resisted control by Songhai, West Africa’s greatest empire at the time. This is one of the facts about Nigeria that make us proud to be Nigerians.

Kanta founded and ruled Kebbi around 1600 AD. He built Surame as the capital. Surame was a planned city that was almost impossible to penetrate during war. According to UNESCO, Surame is “one of the wonders of human history, creativity and ingenuity”.

Sarki Muhammad Kanta The Great of Kebbi found a place in Robin Walker’s list of 50 Greatest Africans.

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Here are more Amazing Facts about Nigeria:

6. There are over 150 regional ‘kings’ in Nigeria. One of them used to be a professor Emeritus at University of North Carolina.

7. Nigeria is the second largest market for Guinness consumption in the world. The country surpassed Ireland in the late 2000s.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind
Source: InvestAdvocate

8. Nigeria is one of the most ecologically vibrant places on earth. According to the World Resources Institute, Nigeria is home to about 4,715 different plant species, and more than 550 species of breeding birds and mammals.

9. The Niger Delta is the second largest delta on earth. This delta has the highest concentration of monotypic fish families in the world. It is also home to about 60% of Nigeria’s mangrove forests, which are also the largest in Africa.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind
View of the Niger Delta from Space

10. The Anambra waxbill is a bird of many colours, found only in Southern Nigeria. It is found nowhere else on the planet.

10 Amazing Facts About Nigeria That Will Blow Your Mind

Which of these amazing facts about Nigeria did you find most interesting? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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